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28 thoughts on “C O N T A C T

      1. I can see that 😛 Instagram ❤ haha
        Try getting your camera out! Makes for a better picture <3xoxo

  1. Love your photos on Miz Lulu Designs (verb? or possesive?) or both! Really cool looks. Do tumblr and wordpress connect? Check out my new photo blog on Tumblr.

  2. Thanks so much for liking my post I got so excited lol I just started and your the first to see my post which is soo awesome!! And I see you have a YouTube channel which is even awesomer because I just started mine and if you have any advice for me would be great:) thanks so much you just made my day brighter

    1. Oooh yay! ❤ I'm so glad i made your day!
      Haha! If you have any advice for ME that would be great xD I need to start filming again i've gone camera shy of some sorts and don't have the energy or somethings it's strange.

      Excited to be friends! xx

  3. Thank you for following me and liking my post! It means a lot especially when you are just starting out(: It seems really hard to get noticed! How did you start getting viewers?? xo

    1. Hi Kayla 😀 ! Glad i could put a sparkle to your night!
      I just try and interact with other bloggers like yourself! Searching tags and liking or commenting on posts will bring more action to your page! ❤

  4. Hi I came over to your blog when I found you actually visited mine. Nobody seems to find my poems worth a read so Thank you. Congratulations on following your passions and may further success come knocking on your door. Stay in touch.

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  6. Ha… You made me laugh. I was trolling around the internet following a BuzzFeed story about a company that makes talking sex dolls in San Marcos!? And one thing lead to another and I find you. Love it!! 😀

    Not sure who the prime demographic is for this, but girl, you’ve got it going on! Love the vibe, love the outfits and the Uke riff. Very nice!

    I’m from Seattle (San Diego now) so I recognized the NW vibe… Have friends in PoCo and West Van. Don’t get up that way much these days… Pity.

    Anyway, thought I’d say HI and thanks for the smiles! Love to contribute to the cause, tell me how!

    Keep on keepin’ on… It’s working!


    1. Hey Geno! Hahaha so rad! Glad you found me 😀 Thanks for the kind words and smiles. Im more west kootenays but still west coast for sure ;P Stay groovy friend!
      – Lucy

    1. Hi Jenna! I did! unfortunately it was ran through facebook and i deleted my facebook months ago so things sort of fell apart. 😦

  7. Thanks for your positive response to my story about Lily Parr, the pioneering women’s soccer player. I just posted part 3 on my site. Very impressed with your site. Best wishes!

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